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Earthquake Training

ADEM provides a variety of earthquake related training each year. If you are interested in hosting courses for your agency, organization or community, please contact the Earthquake Program Manager at 501-683-6700. Below is a detailed list of the trainings ADEM has to offer. To register as a student or view any upcoming courses, please visit the Emergency Management Training

ATC20 – Post Earthquake Safety Evaluations of Buildings – Provides training on the rapid and detailed evaluation procedures for evaluating earthquake damaged buildings and properly identifying them as “Inspected”, “Limited entry”, or “Unsafe”. This course does qualify for 7.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

FEMA154/ ATC21 – Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards – This course helps students to identify potentially hazardous buildings prior to a seismic event. This helps students to be able to create a quick inventory of buildings and rank structures based on their expected safety and usability during and after a seismic event.

E74/P909 – Reducing the Risk of Non-structural Earthquake Damage – Provides students with sources of where non-structural earthquake damage occurs and effective methods for reducing such damages. Non-structural components include areas of architectural, electrical, plumbing, furniture, fixtures, and other components of buildings.

P767 – Earthquake Mitigation for Hospitals – Students are introduced to earthquake hazards in healthcare settings and learn methods for analyzing and reducing these risks. Those who work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities and other medical entities are encouraged to participate. Such entities have unique non-structural components which could become sources of injury or damage, even in smaller seismic events. This course teaches students how to mitigate in a fashion that allows healthcare entities to remain operational during and after seismic events.

P593 – Seismic Rehabilitation Training for One and Two Family Wood-Frame Dwellings – Promotes rehabilitation of one and two family dwellings in order to help reduce earthquake damages and losses and increase the dwelling’s habitability following a seismic event.

P395 – Earthquake Safety and Mitigation for Schools – This is a webinar course for school officials, teachers, facility managers, and other stakeholders interested in reducing earthquake risks in local schools. Attendees will learn how to assess and analyze seismic risks, develop actionable plans for reducing and managing these risks, secure non-structural components of school facilities, and how to affordably approach protecting existing buildings to ensure occupant safety.

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