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Hazardous Materials

General Information:
These classes are available to local coordinators, deputy coordinators, local emergency management funded personnel, fire fighters and other emergency responders. They are free of charge; however, no reimbursement of travel expenses or meals is available. Be sure to check the schedule often; class dates and locations may change. Please review the course descriptions for prerequisites. Specify the class location and course name in the “Name of Class” field in the online registration form.

Hazardous Materials Recertification:
Certification period for Hazardous Materials Levels 1-3 (Awareness, Operations, and Technician) is 5 years. To recertify, you must have the following continuous education hours:

  • Awareness – 4 hours per year
  • Operations – 8 hours per year
  • Technician – 24 hours per year. Training Officer/Coordinator should keep records of all training for Hazardous Materials CEU’s

The following are items that may be counted toward Hazardous Materials CEU’s:

  • Any hazardous materials training conducted for the year (internal or external)
  • Any Terrorism Course attended
  • Actual hazardous materials incidents responded to
  • Exercises that include hazardous materials

To recertify click on Haz Mat Recertification Form. Print the form, fill out and mail to:

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

Building #9501

Camp Joseph T. Robinson

North Little Rock, AR 72199

Attn: Hazardous Materials

Or fax to (501) 683-7890 attention Latryce Robinson.

Classes are available at your convenience-days, evenings or weekends. To inquire about scheduling, questions regarding Recertification or to sign up for a class, please contact Latryce Robinson.

Arkansas Division of Emergency Management:
Building 9501 Camp Joseph T. Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199

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