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Homeland Security Grant Program


The Arkansas Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) is funded by the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to enhance the state’s terrorism preparedness and response capabilities. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management serves as the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for the grant. The Homeland Security Branch within ADEM administers the HSGP for the state.

The Arkansas HSGP supports the maintenance and enhancement of specialized, regional, terrorism response teams located within five regions (Central, NW, NE, West, South) throughout the state. Each team must be ready and deployable to respond throughout the state and nation if necessary. These identified, advanced level teams consist of:

  • FBI Accredited Bomb Squads
  • SWAT/Terrorism Response
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR Task Force 1)
  • WMD Response

These specialized regional terrorism response teams and regions have been identified based on current response and deployment capabilities, and threat assessments. At this time, the AR HSGP is not accepting additional applications.

In addition, the Arkansas HSGP supports:

  • Arkansas State Fusion Center
  • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • See Something, Say Something Campaign
  • Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care/Stop the Bleed Training
  • Cyber Security
  • Community Preparedness

The Arkansas HSGP is part of the Arkansas Homeland Security Advisory Group (ARHSAG) and supports the State Preparedness Report (SPR), the Threat & Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA), and the Arkansas Homeland Security Strategy.


 Budget Worksheets:

Budget worksheets are no longer available online. They will be pre-populated for each awarded jurisdiction and project and emailed to the sub-recipients by HSGP staff. Budget worksheets not submitted on these pre-populated worksheets will be returned.

Jurisdiction Request for Reimbursement (JRR):

All requests for reimbursement must be approved on the budget worksheet with the attached JRR. Please submit a separate JRR for each reimbursement request.

JRR Form 


HSGP guidelines require an inventory of all resources acquired through HSGP funding. Prior to submitting a request for reimbursement, ADEM requires all equipment purchases be entered into the Arkansas HSGP online inventory database for that jurisdiction. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE DATABASE

For questions and assistance relating to the database, please email HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov

NOTE: The database is for authorized users only and approved by the Homeland Security Branch

Inventory must be maintained on all HSGP purchased equipment upon purchase and for 3 years after the official federal closeout of the grant. The official federal closeout is different from the period of performance outlined in the award letter and is listed below.

Official Closeout/DHS
Inventory Release Date
FY 2013 HSGP
FY 2014 HSGP
FY 2015 HSGP
FY 2016 HSGP
FY 2017 HSGP

NOTE: HSGP FY Grants prior to FY 2013 have been released


Phone: 501-683-6712 Fax: 501-683-7890

Branch Email: HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov

  • Homeland Security Branch Manager

Kathy Wright Smith Kathy.wright@adem.arkansas.gov

  • Homeland Security Fiscal Coordinator

Brenda Brewer Brenda.brewer@adem.arkansas.gov

  • Homeland Security Program Coordinator/State CCP Coordinator

Gary Ragen Gary.ragen@adem.arkansas.gov

  • Fire & EMS Services Coordinator

 Louis Eckelhoff  Louis.Eckelhoff@adem.arkansas.gov

  • Administrative Support

Connee Collins Connee.collins@adem.arkansas.gov


Arkansas Division of Emergency Management:
Building 9501 Camp Joseph T. Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199

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