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Local Emergency Planning for Arkansas

CPG 101:  For emergency planning on the county level, the State of Arkansas has adopted FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101 Version 2.0, which provides guidance on the fundamentals of planning and development of Emergency Operation Plans (EOPs).  CPG 101 encourages emergency and homeland security managers to engage the whole community in addressing all of the risks that might impact their jurisdictions. This version of CPG 101 replaces all previous versions of CPG 101 and is the cornerstone for a series of CPGs that provide planning considerations for a variety of hazards, security issues and emergency functions.

Plan Analysis Tool:  When reviewing their plans, counties are encouraged to use the CPG 101 Plan Analysis Tool.  This tool supplements CPG 101 by providing a one-page matrix to track the development timeline for a new plan or the revision of an existing plan. The tool also captures the planning elements contained in CPG 101 to support the analysis by a jurisdiction of its existing plans.

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