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Private Nonprofit Disaster Assistance

Certain Private Non-Profits (PNP) organizations may be able to seek disaster assistance through the Public Assistance Program.

PNPs are required meet the following requirements to determine eligibility.

  • Proof of tax exempt status according to the IRS
  • Operate as nonprofit under State law
  • Request assistance for facilities used primarily for eligible purposes
  • Provide services of a governmental nature
  • Be open to the general public
  • PNP questionnaire must be filled out to determine eligibility

Critical Facilities:

  • Eligible for emergency & permanent work
  • Critical services may include the following:
    • Education, Utility, Emergency Services and Emergency Medical Care

Non-Critical Facilities

  • Eligible for emergency work
  • Must first apply through the Small Business Administration for permanent work
  • Non-Critical Services may include the following:
    • Community Centers, Performing Arts Centers, Museums, Libraries, Zoos, etc.

9521.2 Private Nonprofit Museum Eligibility Policy (PDF)

9521.3 Private Nonprofit Facility (PNP) Eligibility Policy (PDF)

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