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Request for Assistance (RFA)


RFA Process

All incidents are local but may require a state and/or federal response. It is assumed that the incident commander may require resources beyond what is available at the scene. Incident Commanders will rely on local response assets and local mutual aid, as well as requests for assistance from the County. If the incident exceeds the capability of local response organizations, the County may request assistance from the state. The Judge of a jurisdiction requesting assistance from the state must declare before assistance can be provided from the state.

If the incident grows to such a magnitude or scope beyond the capability of the state to response effectively, federal assistance may be requested by the Governor or interstate mutual aid may be requested through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). In all cases except a local response, ADEM will be the central point for resource management.

Emergency Disaster Proclamation Form


RFA Information Requirements

An RFA should contain all information needed to provide the impacted jurisdiction with the resource/commodity needed. The lack of accurate information slows down the assistance process. The following information should be provided:

  1. Who needs it? (Name, contact information including cell phone number)
  2. What do you need? 
    1. NIMS Typed Resource if applicable.
    2. Capability needed if applicable. (Ex: Personnel to staff four traffic control points.)
  3. Where is it needed? (Address, Latitude, Longitude)
  4. When is it needed and for how long?
  5. Special circumstances/additional information. (Ex: We have a licensed electrician to install the generator.)

2015 WebEOC Message Brochure

NIMS Resource Typing / Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT)

Commodity Distribution

Local jurisdictions are asked to identify a Disaster Supply Area (DSA) and Points of Distribution (POD) for commodity distribution. The DSA will be a local designated area where resources from the state are accepted by the local jurisdiction. PODs will be centralized local points where the public picks up life sustaining commodities following a disaster or emergency.

Identification of these distribution points prior to a disaster aid to speed the assistance process. The ADEM Operations Branch maintains a list of both DSA and POD locations which have been submitted by local jurisdictions.

Jurisdiction Disaster Supply Area (DSA) Sites

Jurisdiction Points of Distribution (POD) Sites

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