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Youth Preparedness Training

In addition to supporting the five components of the Citizen Corps, ADEM supports the implementation of youth preparedness training within the state. The Youth Preparedness Training Program is an initiative developed with guidance from the FEMA Region 6 Youth Preparedness Council. The Council has identified five FEMA/EMI courses which constitute the basic training required to educate youth in community preparedness and introduce them to additional training necessary to provide assistance to their family and neighbors in the event of a disaster within the community, whether man-made or natural.

An individual who completes the required coursework will receive a Youth Preparedness Certificate of Completion from the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

The five courses required to complete the program are listed below. These courses are Independent Study courses available online at no charge through the Emergency Management Institute. To begin the training, follow the links below:

IS 100.b: Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS 100


IS 200.b: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents


IS 240.b: Leadership and Influence


IS 241.b: Decision Making and Problem Solving


IS 317: Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams


EMI will issue course certificates upon the successful completion of each class.

Once all of the training requirements are completed, students will forward electronic copies of their course completion certificates to yptraining@adem.arkansas.gov . A printable ADEM Youth Preparedness Certificate of Completion will be emailed to the student.

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